We've never met, but we never miss a date. Every night we're sexting like we really miss each other. Telling me he can't wait to rub his hands up and down my nice round ass and how hot and bothered he is just thinking about my body. He tells me he's naked, and I know it's my turn next. I always tell him how stressful my day was, and he always promises to help me unwind. He says things I never imagined done. He goes down on me, tongue to my clit with a finger in my ass and two in my pussy, something he calls triple penetration. This makes me cum uncontrollably everytime he performs. I love to ride. First his face, then his dick. He loves it too. I ride it like I mean it. There's no room for disappointment in these late night messages. I love to go down on him. One hand, two hands, no hands. The way I do it makes his body clench, knees weak, toes curl, and when he reaches that point, his body tightens as he lets lose. Everytime he asks me what he taste like I tell him imagine me times three. After we both get ours I tell him goodnight, and lead myself to my wet dreams, where I continue to fantasize. Sometimes all I can think is how bad I want him, but I don't want to mess things up. He's set my expectations so high for him that if he didn't fulfill every single action he spoke, he would be history. So we will continue on with our fantasies and never meet.

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