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Def Poetry: Sista Queen-"Try Being A Lady" (Official Video)

Ive had some say Sista Queen, try being a lady Okay, bitch! I will if you promise to fuckin pay me. Lady-like? Oh, you mean a dyke always ready to fight cuz if you touch me I might just fuckin’ fight. Fuck it, I will. I got so much gutta being slung from my tongue. If it was ’92, NWA would have appeared to be nuns, cuz I be spittin’ the reals of life and obvious puns. Pussy dudes lift weights; I’m a woman, and I lift tons. Try being a lady? Oh you mean you want me to act catty and shady, play with me like a dog, degrade me then trade me, use me as your trophy so that you can parade me, use my vagina to only birth babies, be your damsel in distress so a brotha can save me? Hmm, how bout naw! Cuz if my tongue was a trigger, you’d a been shot. Get real, I’m a stay inappropriate til I fuckin’ rot! I don’t talk about love; I don’t talk about sex; I don’t talk about things that’ll put your dick on erect! I won’t pour you some tea; I won’t bake you some cookies; I won’t be your next Ciara, singin’ about ’My Goodies’; I won’t speak when I’m spoken to. How about I speak when I choose. I don’t care if you the prez, I’m gon’ speak my views. I wont be what you want; I won’t be what you ask. How ’bout some of you ’ladies’ show your real faces cuz I’ve already ripped off my mask. I won’t cooperate wit you and the ones that do follow these rules I pity these fools cuz evidently they stupid enough to drown themselves in kiddie pools! Cuz I’m a knuckle poppin’, cock blockin’, dollar stockin’, ear shockin’, brain rockin’, use my time for the tick-tockin’, boot knockin’, word stalkin’, crude talkin’ young lady. I’m a gut you up with triggerous words that’ll make you shut up, leave you fucked up! Got dagger-like tones that’ll cut you up, turn yo ass into confetti, leaving you wrecked by my words machete. So go ahead and talk about how I need to contain myself, shouldn’t be saying myself! So if you mad now, I’m gon’ piss you off ’til you sick. How ’bout this: I’m a get a sex change operation so you and half of America can officially SUCK MY DICK! Hold up. Okay, maybe I’ve been too much of a smart ass and gave too much lip to you. How ’bout this: I’m a put my hand on my hip for you. Is this lady-like enough for you? Fuck you, cuz see none of this shit fades me. I just want you all to think of Sista Queen the next time you suggest someone to try being A Damn Lady.

By: Sista Queen

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