"His Birthday Bag"

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you happy birthday baby, happy birthday to you.
I sing to him in such a harmonious tune, like a humingbirds que.
Recite him a poem about the joy that he brings, the words explain what he means.
Presenting him with a bag of excitement, things that bring sexual enlightment.
Attached with a note that will have him awaiting my arrival
"Tonight I'm in attack mode, you'll need these props for survival"

'To set the mood pour us champagne
Use the candles to light our domain
The purple handcuffs will keep me restrained
Heres a whip if I need to be tamed
Do you see the strawberries? We cant eat them plain.
I added whip cream and chocolate..what else remains?
Oh yes, of course, my purple feather too.
The blindfold inside, thats for me, not you.
Mr. Purple Bunny is the dildo, my boo.
Prepare the camera..lights, action, SHOOT!'

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